Rich Dad Poor Dad: My Thoughts

The book in 3 sentences:
1. Don’t work for money, instead make money works for you by having financial intelligence.
2. Know the difference between assets and liabilities.
3. Invest to your mind, pay yourself first, and don’t play not to lose but play to win.

This book is the first book where i can actually understand the meaning behind ‘a book that changes your life’ and is practical. Since this also the first self-improvement book that i read. It completely richened my mindset, makes me confident in managing my financial planning, and not getting intimidated at how business works. The values Kiyosaki’s has is completely similar to what i have so it’s great to know that someone out there successed living the life i imagine to be. Everyone who wants to start having financial literacy or anyone who wants to change their economic struggles, or increasing their wealth by having financial freedom should definitely read Rich Dad Poor Dad as their first gate.

Three Quotes from Rich dad Poor Dad

In financial reporting, reading number is looking for the plot, the story of where the cash is flowing.

Money comes and goes, but if you have the education about how many works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth.

The difficulty comes in asking adults to unlearn, or become children again. An intelligent adult often feels it is demeaning to pay attention to simplistic definitions.

Absolutely a 5-stars read and a life-changing book!


avid fantasy reader and currently studying psychology.

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